About HKAN

In 2010 a number of Hong Kong adoptees met in Hong Kong as part of the CAAWR project. As one of the committee members on the CAAWR Debbie Cook was looking to find UK adoptees that may want to be part of the 2010 CAAWR reunion (read more on the CAAWR – Where it Started page). In doing so she has built a wonderful network of UK adoptees as a result. She decided to make a dedicated UK HK adoptee group and started to meet and organise small casual gatherings which simply started out as lunch with new friends.

Parallel to Debbie’s work, Julie Feast was working on a BAAF Chinese adoption study. Debbie happened to be a participant in that study. Thanks to Julia and her work with Debbie they were able to grow the group into something that no one had expected.

The UK group now is a strong group that meet regularly. The last two reunions we’ve been honoured to have fellow HK adoptees visit us from the USA. After the April 2012 London UK HKAN reunion, some of the USA sisters have started to think that it could be done in the USA too and so the USA group was born. The hope is that more people will want to start a HKAN group in their country, please let us know if you’d like to start one.