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Welcome to USA Hong Kong Adoptees Network (USA HKAN).

We are the official USA branch of HKAN which is a community of USA and Canadian Hong Kong Adoptees. We have two branches: East and West Coast. The USA HKAN East Coast group is led by Amanda Baden and Kimberlee Mar, two NYC Hong Kong adoptees.

KimR and Mei Yan lead the USA HKAN West Coast group.  They launched the first Hong Kong Adoptee website back in 2006.  They have extensive connections to HK adoptees around the world as well as local Hong Kongers who help us research our HK heritage.  We have held adoptee meetings in Portland, Oregon, Washington DC, Berkeley, California and others to name a few.

Given that we are geographically dispersed, we stay in touch by holding monthly skype concalls on the second Saturday of each month.  The skype concall is open to any Hong Kong adoptee and we are often joined by our fellow UK adoptees.  Contact us at if you want to join in.

We encourage you to check out both groups for news and activities under Reunions & Events.  Even if you can’t attend our reunions, you can enjoy reading about them under News & Blogs.



USA HKAN West Coast has organized an Adoptee Reunion to be held in Hong Kong the week of November 8, 2015.  Hong Kong adoptees from Europe and the Americas plan to meet up in Hong Kong for discussion group meetings, special arranged visits to Hong Kong orphanages, as well as sightseeing, free time and lots of eating! Friends and family are welcome to attend too.  If interested in attending or need more information, please contact us at or

USA HKAN East Coast invites you to attend the 2016 Adoption Conference June 9 – 11, 2016.  This is the 9th Biennial Adoption Initiative Conference.  The conference theme is Myth and Reality in Adoption: Transforming Practice Through Lessons Learned.  The conference will be held at Montclair State University, Montclair, New Jersey.  Learn more at

USA HKAN West Coast held a special Adoptee reunion February 28, 2015 to pay tribute to Muriel Tonge, Supervising Nurse at St. Christopher’s orphanage in Hong Kong during the late 1950’s and early 1960’s.  This was an exceptionally moving event for all who attended as we got to listen to Muriel Tonge tell us her personal recollections of managing over 100 babies at a time.  Read about the event at News & Blogs.

USA HKAN West Coast held an American Adoptee reunion in the San Francisco bay area the weekend of October 12-13, 2013. Adoptees from the East Coast clear to Hawaii attended as well as Canadians and a few Brits crashed the party too!

Read the three fun articles on the USA News & Blog section to learn what happened at the reunion . If anyone that attended the USA event would like to write about their experience at the reunion do not hesitate to contact KimR and Mei Yan (at or Debbie (on the UK Contact page) about adding something to the blog.