Become a Member

HKAN has grown from a small gather to a growing international community. So with that we wanted to add a new part to the the websites for members only. You don’t need to have a login to be able to see upcoming events or read the public blogs, however we are planning to add a small amount of website content for HKAN members only.

We are going to be restricting the HKAN website membership to HK adoptees/orphans (and very select trusted associates of the HKAN community).

In order to view the members only content you must sign up to become a HKAN website member. Either you have already received an invitation from the HKAN members person, currently Debbie Cook, or you can email a request here (regardless of which country you associate):

If you have not been in contact with Debbie before, we request that you give a very brief outline of your connection with HK adoption just help us verify you’re a real person and to help us with your request. Please include the following in your email:

– Name
– email you’d like to be registered to the HKAN site with.
– Brief outline of your connection to HK adoption.


If you are successful, you should get an automated email invite with a random password. You can change your password once you login if you chose.

You can login 2 ways:
1) Follow the link at the bottom of the site labelled “Log in”… OR
2) Go directly to the link: (You may have this link or similar in your invite email).


We all forget our password from time to time.All you have to do is go to the login screen described above in the “Login” section, then you will see a link saying “Lost my Password”. Click it and follow the instructions. If only after that it doesn’t work then contact us.