It’s likely that it may not be possible to make reunions for various reasons. There is a growing presence of Hong Kong & Chinese adult adoptees social network groups online. Below are some suggestions of some groups we know of*. There are many cross overs and we often have members in some or all of the groups. Also it is a great way to connect with international adoptees:

UK Hong Kong Adoptee Network (UK HKAN) Facebook Group

This is the official FB group for the UK HKAN group. It is a small intimate group of mainly adult Chinese adoptees & relinquished people. It is a closed group which means you need to be a member to view and post in the group. This group in general has more UK based adoptees. If you are not known to the group already you may be asked to introduce yourself and briefly explain your connection with UK HK adoption.

Chinese Adult Adoptee World Wide Reunion (CAAWR) Facebook Group

This is a group that was set up as part of the CAAWR (Chinese Adult Adoptees Worldwide Reunion) project that had a reunion of international adoptees that met in HK in 2010. It is an open group, and this means that anyone can view what is written there but only members can post. This is a generally active group. It is open to anyone with a connection to being adopted or relinquished in HK or China, but in generally it has an adult Hong Kong adoptee focus.

Adoptees From HK Yahoo! Group

This group is a closed e-mailing list group so you may be asked to explain your connection to HK adoption in order to become a member. They write it is “An interest group for adoptees from Hong Kong to reconnect, learn about their past orphanage history, and share their experiences. Whether we still live in Hong Kong or have immigrated to other countries, we all share a common bond: born in Hong Kong and adopted as a child.”

One to One

Early on in an adoptee’s journey, or just simply in general sometimes reunions or online groups are too overwhelming (though rewarding). We still hope that you will contact us as there is possibilities to arrange to meet up, phone/Skype call or connect online with people on a more low key scale. Connect Debbie Cook on .


*If you represent one of these groups and would like the link removed or edited please do not hesitate to contact us with your request.