Members Documents & Downloads

Welcome to the members documents & download section. Often HKAN & members find interesting resources about the HK adoption community or have documents they would like to make available. In the spirit of sharing with the community, HKAN felt that a members only documents & download section would be ideal due to the sensitive nature of some of the information in some of the documents.

By downloading any of the files in any of the members areas, you agree not to pass the files onto people that do not have a HKAN login (even if they are adoptees) or to make any of the content publicly available without permission from the original content owner. These files are strictly for personal use and resources. (more info on Disclaimer page).

Don’t let that put you off, the documents are well worth a look. We hope that you understand why we are being strict with the members area, but we believe the members area can be a great platform for the community in general! If you would like to share any documents/downloads etc either as part of the members areas or on other parts of the site do not hesitate to Contact Us.

Some of these documents are quite large, so you may find it can take a while to download, but if you have any trouble downloading anything let us know. More downloads will be added over time so keep checking.

Document & Download Pages