Reflections on a Weekend with Muriel

Posted on June 24th, 2015 by KimR

Hong Kong Adoptees at Feb2015 ReunionMim Writes:

It’s been hard to put into words my weekend with my fellow adoptees and Muriel Tonge. I had to return how, reflect and contextualize what occurred in February. It went beyond a nice meeting and bonding with fellow adoptees.

Muriel brought more meaning to my adoptive world by living and breathing the reality that I lived but didn’t know. Implicit memories, probably, but on a conscious level, the reality of life in an orphanage, of things I didn’t know, of sad circumstances and vivid photos. And then there was that film.

I can’t forget that film. Viewing the film was seeing you, me and every adoptee. In that film the adoptees became me. But beyond me, I saw this woman right in front of me who gave, and cared, and did her daily tasks at the orphanage because she wanted to. She wasn’t paid and she wasn’t the director. She was a volunteer who loved children like you and me and cared. And again, there she was so feisty and beautiful and wise. And we owe so much gratitude and thankfulness to her. She represented all those caregivers in the orphanage I didn’t know but who for years cared for us.

Our circle time was wonderful. I love it when it’s just us without the partners (shh, don’t tell Chuck!). We shared our thoughts in kind, deep ways. And in our vulnerableness, I felt a deep bond with everyone, new and “old”. How far we’ve come, how much we’ve crossed and how still, our journey is beginning. I haven’t been able to completely digest our weekend. Some of it I’ll keep in my heart and build on it for the next reunion which is HK.

Hanging out in the park by the water. Refreshing. Wonderful walk with Mei Yan despite twisting my ankle. Good talking. More sharing. Many thanks to Kim for sharing her house and actually going elsewhere to make room for me. Thanks to Kim, Helen, Meaghan, and Kathy who helped organize and plan. I apologize if I missed someone.


Fanlingers at Feb2015 Adoptee ReunionSt Christopher's Adoptees at Feb2015 Reunion

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  1. Debbie Cook -

    What a lovely write up, only wished I had been there…. Looking forward to meeting up in Hong Kong in November and yes you are quite right what a long way we have come in such a short space of time since finding each other! WOW! It really sends a warm feeling that I now have many more sisters here and across the water. Debbie

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