My First USA Reunion

Posted on December 30th, 2013 by KimR


I really thought I could handle only one reunion and the London reunion would be it for 2013. But back in the United States, KimR and Mei Yan were plotting and conjuring up an American HK reunion and I realized I just had to go to Berkeley. Going allowed me another chance to meet more HK adoptees, meet some of the people I’d been skyping with and plus, I’d get to see Debbie, Sue and Serena all the way from the U.K! What I noticed is that I didn’t have the doubt and fear I had like the first time in London. Instead, I’d graduated to incredible anticipation! And this reunion did not disappoint!

My observation was that the Americans were a bit louder and as we shared in a circle, more kleenix was passed around. My favorite part of the day was the circle sharing and openness. My second favorite was the shouting “Fanling Fanling” with the other Fanling adoptees. And there we were in the same room sharing the same space laughing and crying perhaps like we had as toddlers and young children.

marina-group-480After a very emotional morning crying my eyes out, I enjoyed taking a windy walk along the Berkeley marina and in the evening eating a delicious meal with the group. I can’t remember what the name of the restaurants we ate at, but I do notice a pattern. Most of the restaurants are either Chinese, Vietnamese or Thai. My fav is Thai… but my Swedish Norwegian upbringing says meatballs and potatoes are okay too!

Thanks to everyone who helped plan the reunion.  A shout out to KimR, Mei Yan, Sau Chan, and KimB.  Looking forward to the next reunion! -Mim


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    Thx for sharing Mim :-D

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