This group started small and is growing into a pivotal adult adoptee group within the UK. We have had some fantastic support along the way and we would like to take this opportunity to thank them.


British Association for Adoption & Fostering (BAAF)

We’d like to thank BAAF & Julia Feast for bringing us the British Chinese Adoption Study (BCAS) which has been pivotal in putting many of us in touch. We want to thank them for helping us with venues as well is being a support for this developing group with their advice.

Alan Dibden

It is not always just adoptees that are reaching out.  We would like to thank Alan Dibden for coming to the October 2011 London Reunion to share Mildred Dibden’s memory and work.

Margaret Bryer

We would like to thank Margaret for her in fascinating talk about the ISS involvement in the UK Hong Kong Adoption Project because this was where it all began for many us.

Kate Roach & Maria Affinto

We would like to thank both of the presenters from Barnardos and NCH action for children explaining about how we could access our records.  It was a most informative presentation.

Sanjeeta Bains

On behalf of Kate and I we would like to especially thank Sanjeeta for giving up her time and experience to be our facilitator for the Birmingham reunion in 2013.   This meant that both of us could then be participants as this is so difficult when you are organisers.

This is the Testimonial that Sanjeeta had asked me to write:

‘Sanjeeta – Thanks very much for your services as a facilitator at our UK Hong Kong Adoptee Network Reunion (  held in Birmingham Oct 2013.  Although I had my usual reservations about anyone that comes from a media background I need not have worried because you were very professional and I was assured or your confidentiality.   You were informative and made us think carefully about an event that may have happened in our adoptive lives and see how interesting it may be to others.  You emphasised the relevance and importance of how we should compile any written work in particular for those who may at some stage write their life story or have some involvement with the media.   This provided a helpful structure for the rest of the meeting as the group shared their experience in a safe environment.  Again I would like to thank you for running a great workshop.’