What to Expect

On this page we hope to help you see what you might expect from the group and events. You can also see blog posts written by some of the UK HKAN attendees about past events on the News & Blog section.

Registering Interest

At the moment 2 reunions are planned a year. The numbers for each event has been growing quickly over the years. There often is a high demand for places. To secure a place you must book in advance so that you are not disappointed on the day. Sometimes adoptees arrange to meet after the main events as well. In some cases a payment upfront on the day may be needed. As the group expands in the future it is possible that we need to start taking a registration/booking fee to cover the costs prior to events to help cover costs like booking larger venues to accommodate the group sizes.

To register your interest with any upcoming or future events please do not hesitate to contact Debbie by email hkadoptees@btinternet.com or mobile 07909 530295. Always look out for news on the website for how to register.

Who can go?

Always check on the Reunion & Events page details, it can range from adoptee only reunions or ones where family & friends are welcome. We always like to meet the family & friends of other adoptees, and we know how important it is to share your journey with the people you love. However as the reunions grow, numbers mean there are now becoming more limited places for guests. Always check with Debbie.

New to the Group

We were all from different generations, backgrounds and are on different parts in our journeys. It can be nerve racking coming to a first reunion. We want to assure you that the group is friendly and open. Most people who have been to a reunion usually express how much they have got out of it, so please come and join us and see for yourself.

What happens at a Reunion?

We are a casual informal group and that is how we like to have our reunions. We try to keep it simple and normally the main event is a lunch and the rest of the time we stand around talking to each other until the venue kick us out. Sometimes there maybe some very minor presentations. After the lunch is over, often some people have to leave whereas others sometimes go on and have drinks or dinner else where.


We have tried to have the locations of the reunions in different places. So far we have had reunions in Manchester, Birmingham & London. Always check where the locations are as it may change from the previous ones.


We all know as adoptees the need to protect our privacy. We adoptees tell each other sensitive and personal information that we may not even tell other people around us. We expect everyone to keep the reunions and events a safe space for attendees and respect the privacy of the people that attend.


It is without a doubt that everyone will want to take photos for personal use. We can only ask that you all be sensitive about where the photos are shared and that you ask permission. If you would rather not be in photos please do absolutely say to someone taking a photo that you wouldn’t like it to be used publicly and we will not think less of you.

However to help with the community and help with the UK HKAN, we hope that you allow us to at least use some of the groups shoots on the website and on social medias. Also we would like to be able to offer any organisations/groups that have helped by donating their time, support or venues to be able to use photos for their own publicity. You always have the right to ask for a photo to be taken down of yourself.


Adoptees share and discover their adoption journeys in so many ways. Often adoptees are approached by the Media to do a story. Being in the media spot light is not everyone’s cup of tea whereas for others it’s a brilliant way to open the awareness of HK adoption. At the moment due to the sensitivity of the subject we do not allow any filming or photography at the reunions for the purposes of media.

While for now we definitely don’t allow filming and photography for the media at reunions, there are some brave adoptee souls that are looking to work with the media, for example a documentary. UK HKAN also want to work together in the future with how best to work together with the media while protecting the sanctity of the group. This is something we are reviewing, but something we will always be honest and open about with the UK HKAN members.

After and Between the Reunions

The reunions can be intense but rewarding. Naturally some people connect and meet between reunions.  Also if you want to get to know some of the adoptees prior to the events, there are always people willing to have a chat on the phone, sometimes people meet on a more one to one basis. There is also growing social network groups online, run by different groups, which often have UK HKAN members while also have international HK adoptees. Find links to social networks on the Community page.