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Posted on December 22nd, 2014 by Debbie

On 1 November CCC Press Publish a new book of short stories from Hong Kong.

The Queen of Statue Square: New Short Fiction from Hong Kong, 2014

Marshall Moore & Xu Xi

CCCP Critical, Cultural and Communications Press

This collection of short fiction provides an insight into different types of ‘Hong Kong person’. It is interesting to read the introduction as the editors explore what Hong Kong identity is. They state that ‘although it has long had a majority Cantonese Chinese population, the presence of significant expatriate communities—Western, Indian, Filipino, and others—creates a unique cultural diversity’

Eight writers explore the question of what it means to be in, from, and of the Hong Kong of the past, the present, and the future.

As a HK adoptee, not having any sense of what it is to be a Hong Kong person I enjoyed reading the fiction, as there are references to rituals and attitudes that I have not come across before. I was also reminded that ‘who we are’ is so much more than how we look to others!

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