Adoption for Children / Records / Act

Action for Children
Access to Adoption Records
Adoption and Children Act 2002 Schedule 2
What you will need to do
   Go to the Action for Children webpage and and follow the links:
   Our Services/Adoption and Fostering and children in Care/Records and Support
   Download the application request form, complete and send to the Watford Head office address.
   Watford will check for an entry of your adoption on the main database. If found, Watford will forward your enquiry onto the adoption project for your area
Dealing your Request
•Depending on where you live will determine which of our 4 adoption projects deals with your request
•Leeds (no worker at present so there is likely to be a significant delay)
Meeting with and Adoption Support Worker
•You will be given the option of meeting an adoption worker and accessing your records though an Action for Children Adoption project or, via your own Local Authority
•If you choose the latter option you will need to contact your Local Authority and ask them to write to us on your behalf. We will be able to send them copies from your file to share with you in person
Identification Required
•You will need to verify your identity when you come for your interview
•Identification accepted
•Passport or Driving licence
•Copy of a utility bill/bank statement with your current address
•Marriage certificate showing name change where applicable
Accessing your information
•You will be able to have copies of your personal information (on the day or, sent onto you) from both your Action for Children file and your International Social Services file. (Action for Children received these files 2 years ago when the agency became Children and Families Across Borders)
Material on File
•A good deal of the material is duplicated on both the agency files.
•In the main, the Action for Children file covers the period from the move into adoptive family up to the making of the adoption order. There are likely to be reports outlining your development and progress made during boarding out visits and, related correspondence dealing with the legal adoption formalities
Material on file
   The International Social services file may contain the following:
•Social History report
•Basic medical information
•Birth Certificate
•Ward ship/legal guardianship documents
•Correspondence regarding travel arrangements
The Access Meeting
•The records are shared within a supportive one to one meeting with an experienced adoption worker. You are able to bring along a family member or friend if you prefer. The worker will explain the process and prepare you for reading the file and, help answer any questions you may have
•The worker can also help signpost you onto other services if additional support is required.
For adoptions not arranged though Action for Children
•If your adoption was not arranged though Action for Children you will need to contact:
•General Register Office (ACR)
•Adoptions Section
•Smedley Hydro
•Trafalgar Road
•PR8 2HH
•Contact your Local Authority Adoption team for advice