Debbie & Janet’s July 2013 mini break in York

Posted on August 2nd, 2013 by Debbie

We arranged to go to York for our Birthday’s, to celebrate our ‘on or about birthdays that we were given by the Authorities when we were found and admitted in to Fanling Babies home.

Firstly we met up with Fiona in Corbridge as was visiting her parents before embarking on a new journey in her life to China. A Librarian!  I am sure you will all wish her well.




We stayed at my sister’s apartment in the heart of York and it’s just fabulous to get parked up and walk everywhere, maybe a possible venue for a future reunion??  York has so much to offer!

We met up with Pete and his partner Lynn (our only brother that we know of to date) on the first night and dined at Jamie’s Italian Restaurant a must if you are into that kind of cusine!





The following day we met up with a new adoptee Kwai she was at the first BAAF BCAS Presentation several years ago and I am sure some of you will remember her.  What a lovely day it was the weather was superb and the chatter was non stop ans we had a very nice lunch in the Newgate Coffee Bar.



In the evening I had arranged to meet up with my first adoptee that I met back in 2009, I affectionately refer to her as my ‘Yorkie Kiwi’ as she was originally adopted out to New Zealand.  My sister made a salad tea and Linda made an absolutely gorgeous mouth watering Lemon Tart.  Thank you Linda for that, and your lovely company.  We finished the remains just before we left the following day in the afternoon!


Our trip was not complete as Janet had seen there was a YO! Sushi or as Janet said shouldn’t it be called ‘York! Sushi?’  So off we trotted around waiting for the restaurant to open at 11am to have an early lunch, it was certainly worth the experience.  We spent a good 10 minutes watching all the lovely dishes go by on the conveyer and then another 5 minutes looking at the wonderful menu.  Janet was so happy, happy!


I would like to say thank you to my sister Louise, who has over the last few years met some of my new adoptee friends.  I know she knows this journey means so much to me and it has also given her the opportunity to get to know me.

So I wonder what next?  Now that would be telling keep reading the website…..  If any of you too have been meeting up with fellow adoptees I would love to hear from you with a small account and pictures!


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