Naomi from the UK meets up with Kim in San Francisco July 2013

Posted on August 3rd, 2013 by Debbie

Naomi was heading out to San Frabcisco in July and I managed  to put her in touch with Kim R (and Mei Yan) who wrote the Fanling Babies Home Website….

’My friend and I got the train south from San Francisco and met up with Kim in Silicon Valley. We’re pictured on the Google campus. We had lunch together and Kim showed us round Stanford University. She was delightful company and a generous host.
For my part you’re welcome to post the photo on the HK adoptees website. It was wonderful to travel half way around the world and meet up with someone I’d never met before but who’d had similar early life experiences to me. Mind you, apart from my sister who’s also an HK adoptee I’d also met Ginny Peng (nee Desmond from New Zealand) twenty-five years ago when she was staying with a neighbour near my Mum’s home in Wimbledon. So, meeting HK adoptees from the New World was not new to me but it was rewarding.’


  1. Kim Granata -

    I have not been successful in contacting Kim Roger and Mei Yan by emails (both emails are undeliverable). Who can I contact in regard to the Fall 2013 reunion in Berkeley California?

    • Debbie -

      Please go to the Fanling Babies Home website. There you will find the necessary contact details.

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