Launch of the UK HKAN website

Posted on April 21st, 2012 by Jess

UK HKAN LogoI am pleased to be able to help design a logo and launch the UK HKAN website under the guidance and help from Debbie Cook & Kate Gordon. This was my little way of helping this fantastic growing group of transracial HK adoptees, and showing how proud I am to be a part of this group.

The logo was based on an idea Kate & Debbie had with a HK and UK flag crossing. I took the concept and gave it a facelift. On the HK flag is an emblem of the Bauhinia blakeana flower, so I found an image of that flower and gave it a bit of a union Jack flare and voila the UK HKAN logo was born =).

The website now gives the group its own space to grow. We would love to get different views of our events and if you would like to write about your experience to contribute to the HKAN Blog, please do not hesitate to Contact us. Alternatively feel free to add a comment to a post already there.


HK Adoptee Portal logoParallel to this HKAN website, over the next year I will be developing the HK Adoptee Portal throughout 2012 to be a resource for Adult HK adoptees. I am looking for contributions to the site and if you are interested you can find more details on the site or you can contact me on

Enjoy =D. Jess


  1. Debbie -

    HI Jess Can’t wait for this to launched, I am sure I can provide you with some material when you are ready. Debbie

  2. Beccie Lloyd -

    It was a fantastic day and lovely memorable photos. Thank you to you all for such great meeting. Beccie

  3. Sarah Fowke -

    What wonderful work you guys have put in to create this site. I can see a lot of hard work has been done to cater for everyone. I hope in the future Australia/NZ forms a website and unite the two together. Holiday makers can coincide their holidays to the next reunion. Congratulations UK team!!!

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