Manchester Reunion – 26 June 2010

Posted on June 5th, 2010 by Jess

Manchester Reunion 2010New Emperor Chinese Restaurant, 52-56 George St, Manchester (Picadilly Station)
Sat, 26 June 2010 – Sat, 26 June 2010 14:00

All adoptees in Northern England please join us for a get together and dim sum in Manchester on Saturday, June 26th at 2 pm. Please RSVP by June 19 with Debbie. Look forward to seeing you! See TTAG & BAAF too.

Read about what happened on the day at The First Reunion blog post written by Debbie Cook.


  1. Diana Hayes -

    Well Debbie, it brings back such memories when we first met for the first time in Manchester at your mum and dads’ house April 2010. There I was very shy not knowing what to say to you or your mum and dad for the very first time.
    Since Debbie and I had met up several times during the weeks to follow I was introduced to another adoptee, and by the beginning of June we had also met up with two more adoptees. By June 2010 a total of 10 adoptees attended the first UK Adoptees Group meeting in Manchester. We all had so much to talk about.
    My husband looks so proud posing with 6 young ladies taken at Manchester Piccadilly Garden after the UK adoptees meeting.

  2. Debbie -

    Diana I too remember that day very clearly, I had so many questions to ask you as you had been slightly older than me when you left Fanling and would have many more memories of the home, this was something that the younger ones like me who had left as babies had no knowledge of. I am so pleased that we had got know each other more, you gave me the encouragement and support to develope this group in the earlier days, thank you.

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